Monday, February 12th, 2018: Hard work isn’t all the matters

February 11, 2018

10 good mornings
10 pass throughs
10 figure 8’s

10 pause back squats

Back Squat
Find 1 RM

“40 on Down”
10min amrap
40 lateral bb burpees
30 kb swings 2/1.5
20 clusters 115/80

L1: 75/45
L2: 95/65


“Success depends in large part on a proper mindset: focusing on the results you plan to achieve, rather than the number of hours you work.”

– Bob Pozen

I want you to imagine two people: Person A and Person B.

Person A hits the gym six times per week, only eats ‘clean’, spends hundreds of cashmonies on the newest shiny supplements, oh, and that new celebrity workout plan? You best believe he’s done it.

Person B, on the other hand, makes it to the gym four times per week, sometimes only three. And while he generally eats healthy, he also makes room for the foods he enjoys. He goes out with friends, has a social life, and isn’t afraid to indulge here and there.

Got the image? Good. Now, let me ask you: Who do you think is in better shape?

Person A or Person B?

If you’re like most people (me included), you probably picked Person A.

Well, you’re wrong – and so was I.

Because I was person A.

See, when I first began my fitness journey I was busting my ass – I trained hardevery day. I gave up my favourite foods and only ate ‘clean’.

Heck, I didn’t even go to parties or family gatherings, fearing the ‘bad’ food would derail my progress.

Despite all this hard work: I didn’t look any different than when I’d started.

Even friends and family would comment, “Erm, don’t you, like, eat super healthy and train all the time? Shouldn’t you, uh, look like you’re…you know…in shape?”

And while I’d angrily brush these comments off with, “This stuff takes time, OK!?”Deep down I knew they were right. By all means and measures I was doing everything right – I was working insanely hard. I was entirely dedicated. SO WHY WAS I NOT GETTING RESULTS?

Because hard work, on it’s own, is not enough.

As a society we put a lot of weight on hard work – glorify it, even. We look on in awe at those who work 80 hour weeks, hustling and grinding their face off.

But here’s what nobody tells you – Just because you’re working hard, doesn’t automatically mean you’re going to succeed or be guaranteed results (just ask 14-year old Aadam.)

Here’s why: We all have a limited supply of energy. You can work your face off but if you’re working on the wrong thing(s) – you’re going to waste that limited energy and make no progress.

This is the biggest mistake I see people make when it comes to changing their body – they work hard on the WRONG things.

Now, just to be clear, and to ensure my point isn’t misconstrued – I’m not saying hard work is pointless. That would be both silly and a lie, because I’m all about dat hard work. What I’m trying to make you understand is this:

Hard work is only effective when combined with a clear plan of action.

Let me ask you:

If you had an exact plan laid out for you, so you knew:

  • What to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat;
  • What exercises you should be performing and how exactly you should be performing them;
  • What supplements you should be taking (and what ones are a waste of money);
  • How to fit your fitness goals in with the rest of your life (and not vice versa).

Do you think you’d succeed?

Do you think you could divert all that time and energy you waste trying to figure all this stuff out on your own toward getting actual results?

If you answered yes (and I hope that was all of you, otherwise I’d be worried) then I have just the thing.

From today until midnight this Friday (9th February) I’m opening enrolment for the 2018 Physiqonomics premium online coaching program.

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Hol’ up, hol’ up. HOLD UP!

Before the applications come rolling in – there are some things you need to know:

I only do this once (at most twice) a year. And I only work with people who are serious about getting results. Because of this, you can’t just ‘sign-up’, but have to apply. The application form allows me to determine if we’d be a good fit or not.

If you’re currently working hard but not getting the results you want (or any results at all), then this is for you.

Here’s the thing: If you don’t want or need a coach. Cool, don’t apply. If what you’re doing is working, and you’re happy with your results. Awesome, don’t apply. If you just enjoy reading my content – amazing. Please keep reading (and sharing) my stuff.

BUT. If you’re working hard and still not getting the results you deserve, then isn’t it time you tried something new? If you actually want to make this your year instead of just talking about it, and you’ve been thinking about making a change for weeks or months now – then it’s time to cut the crap, click the pretty blue link below, and start taking action.

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I look forward to working with you.

Your boy, Aadam