Carmichael Gugliotti

L1 Certified Crossfit Trainer 

I was a competitive swimmer throughout high school and was in great shape. When I went to college, I did not continue to swim, but continued to eat like a competitive swimmer. Needless to say, by the end of college I was overweight and looking for a way to get back into shape. I moved to Bristol, CT with an old friend from high school and he convinced me to try a CrossFit class. I went to Bell City CrossFit and from the moment I finished that first workout I knew I was hooked. I started going 3 times a week and then 4 and soon I was going 6 times a week. After doing CrossFit for two years I decided to take it to the next level and become a CrossFit coach. For a year I coached at multiple gyms in the area to help others reach their full potential. I find coaching to be very rewarding. I really enjoy seeing athletes reach their full potential, having someone get there first pull up or muscle up when they never thought it would be possible is an incredible moment to watch. So when Domingo and I got the chance to buy Bell City CrossFit we couldn’t pass it up. Our goal is to work with our coaches, including the previous owner, to create a truly remarkable program for members by using each coach’s natural skill set. CrossFit sees a wide variety of people, and the chance to help them reach their goals is an incredible experience that we are all truly passionate about. So I hope you take some time to come down and try out a class and see what Bell City CrossFit can offer you! I know it was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.



John DeMartino

L1 Certified CrossFit Trainer
CrossFit Endurance Certified
2013 Finished 21st overall in NorthEast Region in CrossFit Opens
2013 NorthEast Regionals Athlete

I was the typical jock who played baseball, basketball and football in high school and then went on to continue playing football in college. When I was done with collegiate football I turned into the typical “Globo Gym Meat Head” who didn’t think it was important or necessary to do legs anymore; I was just going to bench press and do curls for the girls all day long while I flexed in the mirror…. I’m just kidding, I wasn’t THAT bad. Two years out of college I grew tired with the same old routine in the gym, I had plateaued and was bored out of my mind. One day I stumbled upon some of my friends pictures on facebook and found HER flipping tires, doing box jumps and lifting barbells all while other people were cheering her on in the background. The pictures intrigued me so much that I had to contact her and ask her what that was all about. Her exact words were, “oh you never heard of CrossFit? You should find a local box and try it out, it’s the best”. I took her advice and walked into CrossFit Revolution (Brandon, FL).  I eventually left Florida and moved back home to North Haven, CT where I found North Haven CrossFit conveniently located 1.3 miles from my house. Before I was even done unpacking I went there and walked into Kurt and Warren Garceau half dead on the floor after a WOD and thought to myself, this is where I need to be. Little did I know, a year later I would become a level 1 certified crossfit coach for NHCF and 2 years later open my own gym here in Bristol, CT. CrossFit has not only changed my life, it is my life.



Shannon Piers

L1 Certified Crossfit Trainer
ACSM Certified CPT
Livestrong Indoor Cycling Certified
AHA Basic Life Saving Instructor
AHA First Aid Certified
AHA CPR/AED Certified
B.S. Health Science – Keene State College
M.Ed. Sport Management – Springfield College

Shannon Chamberlain, a seasoned wellness professional and competitive Crossfit masters athlete.  She lives her passion each day by doing what she loves!  She enjoys helping others realize and celebrate their strengths and capabilities.  As a coach, it’s important for her to create a supportive environment for every member to achieve their goals.  Outside of BCCF, Shannon is the Manager of Wellness Operations at ESPN and has been with the company for over a decade.    




Tony Baldino

L1 Certified CrossFit Trainer

I started crossfit on November 1st, 2012. I walked in tried it out (Helen was my first WOD), and I never looked back. I instantly felt the strong sense of community that Bell City Crossfit has to offer. Everyone was so welcoming and made me feel a part of the family the very first day. Crossfit literally changed my life for the better. It opened up my eyes to improve my overall health. I am able to do movements that I never thought I would be able to do at any point in my life. I got into coaching because I want other individuals to experience everything that I have and hopefully change someone’s life for the better.




Danielle Colosimo

*CF-L1 Trainer
*Red Cross Lifeguard
*Red Cross CPR
*Red Cross First Aid
*Red Cross AED
*Red Cross O2
*YMCA Lifeguard
*YMCA Swim Instructor/Coach
*Southington High School Powder Puff Football Coach
*Olympic Weight Lifting Competitor

Danielle Colosimo, from Bristol, CT. A middle school music teacher by day and a dedicated Olympic Weight Lifter/Crossfitter at night. Danielle coaches at Bell City Crossfit in Bristol and Crossfit Berlin in Berlin. Certified as a Lifeguard/Swim Instructor for the Southington YMCA, she also volunteers time in the fall to coach Powder Puff Football at Southington High School. She justs loves people and helping them achieve their goals day in and day out.



Kristofer Stokes


·      B.S. Communication & Journalism, Suffolk University

·      CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1)

·      CrossFit Gymnastics

·      CPR/AED Certified

·      First Aid 

Athletic Achievements

·      4 year starter, co-captain, Suffolk University Baseball

I’m a former college athlete who stumbled onto CrossFit’s method of training in 2012. After taking my first swing at “Cindy,” I was completely hooked.

I received the CrossFit Level 1 certificate in 2014. It’s been a turning point in my fitness journey. I’m a passionate coach who loves learning and finding new ways to help others move more effectively. Above all, my goal is to help everyone I train and coach achieve a higher quality of life.


Nick Ragaini-

I started CrossFit back in the fall of 2010 with a friend and we were attempting to do Main site WOD’s with little success. Shortly after this I joined CrossFit Relentless and quickly learned the movements. The owners noticed that I helped out other members and asked if I would like to coach. So I began shadowing the coaches in the winter of 2012, started on my own in the spring, got my Level 1 in September of that year at CrossFit New England and was able to pick Ben Bergeron’s brain which was awesome. I coached for about 1.5 years at Relentless before I joined Bell City, which was much closer to home for me. I instantly loved the community here and decided to begin coaching again at BellCity about a year ago. Due to my full time job as a New Britain Police Officer I can be found coaching the 9am and 12:30pm classes a few days during the week.


Nick Damaio

I’ve been doing crossfit now for 6 years and started coaching 5 years ago.  A friend of mine got me into crossfit, I dropped in at his gym (CrossFit Cheshire) for a class and was hooked. I loved how it allowed me to compete against myself as well as others and brought me back to my days of playing sports. After a year I wanted to help share my knowledge of crossfit with others so my wife and I went to get our L1’s. Full time I work as a firefighter/paramedic for the City of West Haven Fire Department. I also have my Crossfit Weightlifting Certification, which I received about 3 years ago.