I joined Bell City CrossFit 10 months ago (Nov 2012). I really had no idea what I was signing up for…I’m not going to lie, I was a bit scared when I showed up 20 minutes early to my first WOD (and wonder what the hell a WOD was) to see the previous class doing deadlifts and box jumps, thinking to myself this is crazy, what did I get myself into. After my first WOD (and learning what it was) I was instantly addicted. I found myself watching every imaginable crossfit video you could find on youtube, and all the crossfit’s blogs to learn as much as I could.

Before Crossfit, I went to a “Globo Gym”, and had to force myself just to go, I had to figure out what I was going to do that day, what machine I use, how much weight, how many reps, and run on a treadmill. It was frustrating, and BORING, and I was seeing no real results.

What I love about crossfit, is I show up, do whatever the WOD is, listen to loud music I don’t even hear, and the couches yelling to “MOVE” or “2 minutes to go.” I have fun. I love that I don’t have to think about it, that I want to go, and I want to see how much stronger or faster I get each day. I love how every member is there for the same reason, and we are a true crossfit family. I also love the coaches, their passion they have for crossfit is what inspires me to get better and stronger. They are constantly breaking down my form, and making sure safety is number one priority. We all have a lot of fun, and work our ass off. It’s a great feeling.

Within the first month, I saw myself getting stronger, but I still wasn’t losing all the weight I wanted to. I remember asking Coach John “how come I am not losing more weight” John’s exacts words “Your diet Sucks” and I am pretty sure I argued with him at that time, “I don’t eat that bad”, “My diet doesn’t suck” and so on.

In February BCCF held its first Paleo challenge, and I was skeptical, and wasn’t going to join the challenge, until my boyfriend told me to stop being a cheap ass, and do it. So I thought, what’s the worst that could happen? I could maybe lose a few pounds, and then I will go back to my normal eating habits if I see no real result. One week later I had lost my first 9 pounds! I was no longer a skeptic. At the end of our 6 weeks challenge I lost 25 pounds and 3 pants size…in six weeks! 5 months after the challenge and doing Paleo 80/20, I lost 45 pounds in total and 6 pants size!! I looked at my before and after pictures, and I was disgusted with the before. Paleo is my new normal eating habit. I feel so much better, and stronger. I have never felt better about myself! I owe it to Belly City and my new Paleo eating lifestyle, and to all the supportive members and the coaches!

I consider crossfit a sport, there are no fancy marketing schemes, just a box, music, good people / coaches and results.



Since joining Bell City CrossFit, I have learned so much about the importance of working hard and eating clean. The two are important on their own, but they are lethal when combined! I was anxious to start the 6 week paleo challenge because I knew for sure I would see some amazing results! And I did!

Our coaches at BCCF are absolutely awesome. Period. They know what each member needs and what we are capable of. We are very lucky to have them and the phenomenal programming that we receive each day we walk into the box!
I can’t even count how many times I’ve complained to and then told Coach John “you were right” or “I promise to listen to you more often” because as much as I hated going too heavy, he told me I could and that’s all I needed to hear in order to do it..we still battle on that topic sometimes, but he knows its mainly just to annoy him! 🙂

I love CrossFit. Especially Bell City. Some say I’m obsessed, but really is that so bad?? I don’t think so! 🙂 It’s a huge part of my life now (just ask my friends and family who know I hate to miss a day other than Sunday or else I get all crazy!) What I really love is that everyday I walk in, chat with friends (sometimes we’re a little too chatty, but it’s hard not to be!), I am ready to work as tired as I am from the day and go in saying I want to be better than the day or week before. Its always a challenge, always a competition with yourself! Nobody else! Just you.
I don’t really care if I do an extra 10 minutes on an elliptical machine anymore, I’d rather put an extra 25lbs on my bar for an overhead squat and get a PR!

Bottom line is Bell City CrossFit is for anyone who wants a challenge, a super fun environment, and people who you can see everyday who are there cheering you on not to quit when you feel like you want to just drop to the ground! Thats usually what happens after a WOD and its a great feeling to lay there after a crazy workout is done and say to yourself “That was horrifying, I cant wait to come back and do this again tomorrow!”
There is nothing better than that!!